Dream Interpretation: Problems

by Cody D. Hall
(Ontario Canada)

Visitor Post: 'I wake up in my dream. I am suddenly "thrown" into a sewer where I just keep swimming and swimming until I meet two figures with the name of Craig and Carl (In real life my bros) and they guard the doors to an amazing place where "the only way in is out" and vice versa.

The place behind the doors I haven't seen yet. They open it, but it's just blackness, however the two figures say that my happy life will get even happier once I have seen inside this door, in it's true color and image. They said that is when I'm off of the earth.'

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by: John

Hi Cody,
when you say these people are your bros do you mean they are friends or biological brothers? How do you feel in the dream when you are in the sewer and how do you feel when you see Craig and Carl?

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