Dream Interpretation: Puppetia

by Miss Wyatt

Visitor Post: 'This dream I had is something out of the chronicles of Narnia or the recent Maragrat Haddix sent series. The only thing I know about the dream is that it's an epic dream obviously.

The type of dream you can easily make a best-selling novel off it. It all starts at my grandfather's house. He was going to a retirement home nearby. My brother and I are helping him move.

I'm in my early twenties. In reality I'm only in my mid-teens. I was fresh and out of college. We go by an old antique lamp. There were two puppets we hadn't seen before. A hippie one and a somewhat scary one. The hippie one was called Clan while the other one is called doom.

My brother says that they are stupid. Then suddenly we begin to shrink into small pieces of dust. The landscape changes from an ordinary home into a battle field. We wonder ''what the heck is going on?''

Suddenly a very huge ogre grabs me. He had muscles the size of the empire state building. It was amazing I didn't crush and die of suffocation. I begin screaming but I felt that no one could hear me. My hopes of living were dimming as the ogre went further.

Suddenly a golden shield is thrown at the ogre. '' Get away from her!'' said a familiar voice. ''Oh my word!'' I thought. I absolutely could not believe it. I'm a comic super hero geek first of all this will play a key part in the dream later.It was one of the characters I read in many of my comics . You have to be a really big dc comic book geek to know his very exisistence.

His codename is Booster gold but I prefer to call him by his real name Michael in here.I don't want to be accused of plagiarism so, I don't know how to make a novel out of this dream. I never liked him mainly because in the comics he's arrogant,a moron, immature, does anything for a quick buck and is just a plain old selfish jerk.

''What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in New York or Metropolis?'' ''Long story very long story ma'am. No time to explain we must go now!'' I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He didn't change much other than his hair getting longer. Yet for some reason I found him more attractive.

In the dream he was less of a self-centered jerk. He was only a few years older than me. In the dream I of course didn't like him at first. As Michael takes me to the shelter I have what I call a dream flash back. In the dream he was real and in the flash back my brother and I are the age we are in real life.

My brother gave him an atomic wedgie at the end of the flashback and Michael vows he would go on a mission so well-know he would regret ever going near him. As the flashback is over we are at the shelter.

The shelter was made entirely out of coins. Clan comes in with a bunch of other puppets. I see my brother. ''Yeah!'' we both say ''Hey what's this moron doing here?'' ''He is here to help us.'' ''Help?!? He can barely rescue a girl much less save wherever we are.''

''Yet I saved your sister. Hey, you're that twerp who had the audacity to embarrass me in front of a huge crowd.'' ''Because you're a stupid self-centered moron. Those are some pretty complicated word for an idiot to be saying. I would be surprised if you even knew what the word audacity meant.

Michael then holds my brother against the wall. ''See this? This is a disintegration gun I can disintegrate you in a second you stupid little twerp!'' ''Michael do not harm our guests!'' ''Yes, Clan.''

I volunteer to make dinner. As I begin to make dinner I overhear Michael. Apparently he was in love with me also. '' Ah, she cerainly looks good. The twerps has certainly gotten better looking over the years.'' ''Hey that's my older sister don't talk about her like that. ''

''I have freedom of speech.'''' That's still my older sister don't talk about her like that, you moron.'' ''Shut up you twerp. '' ''I'm not a twerp!'' I burst out screaming ''You guys can not get anymore immature. Stop your fighting now!''

I bump both of their heads together. ''Unbelievable how immature you two both are!'' I get the rest of dinner ready. ''Hey.guys dinners ready.'' We all gather around the campfire. Clan explains the war going on. How doomsday the monster famously known for killing superman got there. That booster gold was the last survivor of his team.

I make up a series of plans to defeat doom eventually. A few days later due to an ailment the clan had we were caught by some of doom's men. ''A girl? A girl thought of this. Did you ever think even for a second that you could possibly win?''

''Yes, I did especially considering that I managed to outwit even your best generals.Mind always outwits bronze.'' ''Quite bright.'' ''I was always bright for my age.'' ''Well can your big brain outwit doomsday?''

Before I could speak he puts me in doomsday's cage. ''Fresh blood, dooms day.'' I hid in a corner then realizing that doomsday's weakness was lack of a brain. I lure doomsday to a cage grab a kryptonite knife and stab him to death with it. ''No this can't be!''

''Brain always outwits bronze honey.'' He grabs a dagger. Clan manages to escape his guards and got in the way. My brother had developed a strong bond with Clan. He grabs Michaels disintegration ray and fires it until the trigger goes off and the gun self destructs.

I go back from the great explosion.'' They come back to being in a few hours. We go back home. We were surprised to see Michael. ''What--?'' ''Clan said everyone.''

Grandfather comes in and says ''Who's that friend of yours.'' I awaken feeling weird but somewhat refreshed.'

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by: Anonymous

geez, I don't know if I will be any use to you with this one! Can you tell me if anything significant was taking place in your waking life at the time of this dream?

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