Dream Interpretation: Religious Dream

by Andrea
(Oroville, CA)

Visitor Post: 'So I had a dream and I want to share it. I had it I think about a year ago and need others to tell me their opinions on it.

The people who are in this dream are....

Kareena (Best Friend)
Cody (Friend's Boyfriend)
Joe (Brother)
Daniel (Brother)
Haley (Niece)
Hayden (Nephew)

It started off as I drove up to Kareena's house. It was a shaggy looking mobile home. I drove up in a nice black Sedan. Now Kareena has thick beautiful hair and this shocked me.

I went up to her doorstep and she opened it. Her hair was thin and frail, grayish looking too. I noticed Cody in the other room with his friends playing games and making a mess. I asked Kareena if she wanted to attend Church with me. She said no because she had to clean and take care of Cody. I asked her again but once again she said no.

So I got in my car and was on the highway. Going down a ramp I head toward this building. It was full of creatures causing havoc. They were destroying everything. Then I saw something weird. I saw a dead baby elephant on it's back. I was scared but I felt I needed to get to a Church to meet my family.

I soon noticed that all the Churches were full so they started setting up other building's such as school's and cafeteria's up for Church service. I headed to my old High school and went inside.

There were pews set up and it was extremely full. I saw my dad on the left side and my mom, brother's, niece, and nephew one pew behind on the right. I sat next to my dad and while the preacher was up preaching this man maybe around his late 40's early 50's with white hair sat right in front of me.

He said to me, "why would you praise this God that has done all this? Why would you worship him? I ignored him and saw in my hand a small bottle of Holy Oil. I was determined to put the oil on all my love one's forehead for extra assurance that we will be alright. As soon as I put the oil on my family's head I sat back down.

Then out of nowhere this smoky looking red dragon figure was hovering right beside me. At that moment the room grew silent and everyone stared at the figure. It stared at me and I was wondering why it was looking specifically at me.

Then an earthquake came upon us. I can see the lights shaking until I was standing right next to the double doors exiting the school. I opened the doors and I could see the earth engulfing all man made thing's including nature and spewing out brand new land.

I walked out and it was beautiful. The grass was over flowing and I look to my right and there was a cliff side with a stone gazebo on the far right edge of it. Just beside the cliff side was a lake and this lake spewed out two spiral mountains, the first larger then the next.

I went to grab my phone to take a picture of it for Kareena because I was astonished what had happened but then something came over me like I couldn't share with her what I was witnessing because she chose not to come. I was upset at that point until I looked up and saw Jesus on the cliff side.

In a blink of an eye I was standing right next to him along with my parents and my brother Joe. I can remember I was as tall as up to his shoulders. I felt a sense of peace standing there and saw the beautiful view of the new land. I looked to my left and saw the gazebo. It was made up of large round stones and at the end was a platform.

Standing next to it was my parents and Joe. Jesus looked at Joe and told him to take the platform over the two mountains and it will take you where you need to go. I then saw a building almost like a hut down below on a field with a bolder hanging over it by what I think was rope.

I then see a lever on the gazebo and say to them, why not drop this bolder on the roof of that building? Then Joe will be able to get in and get what he need's to travel there. But Jesus said we don't need to do that. All he need's to do is get on the platform and he doesn't need to worry because it will take him there.

I insisted that he takes the gear and my mother agreed with me. Jesus was getting upset and asked us to please trust him but we wouldn't listen. My mother then pulled the lever and the bolder dropped on the roof causing major damage then a fire started burning the building. Jesus then said once again to trust him and to just get on the platform. My brother listened to him and got on it.

We watched while the platform took him over the two mountains until we couldn't see him any longer. He then looked at me and said, "Andrea I need you to find the Red Man and tell him to leave because I'm back." I was excited that I was going on this great adventure.

Jesus then started to tell me where he was located at. I asked him for a map in case I would forget. He then pulled out this paper like material I couldn't tell what it was but on it was a basic drawing of a map. He leaned closer to me to show me then started to point at directions where he wanted me to go. I can still remember what the map looked liked.

He told me that the Red Man was located in the mountains but then like I was watching from above what I saw was the Red Man. He was ugly all over and mutated. But he was scared and running away from the creatures I saw earlier. Like they turned on him and was trying to kill him. He then jumped off the mountain to get away from them, landing on several different ledges. I saw the fear in his face, then I woke up.'

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by: John

can you please tell me what issues of significance were taking place in your life around the time you had this dream?

Spritual Person NEW
by: James Bond

This is coming from Canada. When u see a spritual things , u also very godly in yr life , and to others.In year 1989 I saw Jesus sitting on my bed ( right side of my bed )He has a long beard and white sort of a robe. Indeed it was him .. I am 500 % positive. I was surprised. I was a Buddhist, before 1989 , and became a christian in 1989.

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