Dream Interpretation: River

by Dustin

Visitor's Dream: 'So this was a while back. At first I remember going through some type of passageway, like a gate. Let's the the dream started when I was through the gate.

As I walked (or floated or whatever) onwards I could not really focus on anything but what I was looking at. I saw I was on grass and that there was a very slow body of moving water. It seemed that there were hedges or something on the banks.

Next thing I remember, I was floating down the river on some kind of raft (or possibly just me floating on the surface of the water). The water was seemed clear enough though I couldn't see but a foot or 2 down. There were collections of tiny lily-pad type leaves floating still on the water, all connected and rooted below.

Down the river I went, Next thing I remember are huge stone pillars, round at the top and not smooth, but old looking, jutting out of the water. There were several of these, maybe 10ft. high, and in various positions (some look to have shifted sideways or even completely horizontal). They all also had some type of swirling design on them that looked as if someone would have carved them into the stone.

Soon after I encountered these monoliths, I floated next to a tree growing on the left bank. It was very big with branches large enough for a grown man to sit comfortably on. In fact, there was a man sitting on one of them. I felt like he was there to tell me something. He looked around 30-50 years old. (Can't really remember what he looked like or what he was wearing.) He was sitting with his back to the trunk of the tree on a branch about 6-7 feet from the water. He was facing towards me with his right leg in an upside-down V and his left leg dangling off the branch. I feel like we had a conversation but I can't remember that either. It felt very important.

The next thing I remember which might not have been on the dream at all is a large collection of those monoliths I saw earlier. The man was talking to me about something there.(frustratingly cannot remember) and the stones were sort of half-circled around something in the middle. This was close to bank. The center of the half-circle would have been in the water.

My dream sort of 'skipped' here.

The next thing I remember is walking through an iron gate walled by hedges. I entered what looked like a huge square, the likes of which you would see in Italy or something. I was in a kind of lowered outside area of the square, like for water to flow into or something. There was a stone bench directly in front of me, it was completely solid, like a square rock to sit on. In around the middle of the square (I was at the edge) I saw what I imagine was my family because that's how I thought of them in the dream. Just like the man in the tree I can't remember anything about who was in the small group but the were looking to my right side with (possibly with cameras or something).

From that final view, I could see a few things. To my left, I can't really remember though I imagine there were just buildings and shops and such. In front of me a huge square with a fountain directly in front of me in the distance. To my right there was a very large building, those like you see in European cities with grand architecture. It was a rectangular building about 7 or 8 windows high. I couldn't tell how wide it was. The whole side of it was flat as far as I can remember.

And that's the end. I might have turned around to look at the gate but I might not have. I don't remember. It could just be an image formulated from my memory of walking through it to the outside.'

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by: John

Hey Dustin,
what an awesome, awesome dream! I so wish you could recall the conversations as I believe these are central to the entire message. It seems as though this was bordering on lucid dreaming or astral travel? You certainly seem very aware of your dream state in the dream itself.
I cant help but think the dream has something to do with the flow of life. That you obtained calmness from being present but flowing the natural eb. I think this is a message of "old"; it speaks of history and nature and beauty. It seems to be a very soulful dream; as such I believe it has a very deep message but without those conversations its hard to decode. Unless, the conversations were not meant to be remembered? That the dream was to highlight, perhaps, that spoken words are not needed?

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