Dream Interpretation: Screaming

by Georgia
(Emu Park)

Visitor Dream: 'In my dream I remember being in my lounge room with my mum, and I was aware that my dad was away working (although he doesn't have a job now) and my brother was asleep in his room. Mum was making coffee and I was watching tv so this all felt normal, nothing strange, so it didn't feel like a dream. Then I heard screaming for awhile and ended up following the sound out to my front door but my mum had beaten me to it and had seen what was going on and was passing me saying, "go hold her down, I'm calling the ambulance." and I walked out to the front door area to see a female naked body, covered in blood laying on the ground and she was the source of the really loud, high pitched screaming. as soon as I got close she got up and started to fight me, kicking and punching and screaming at me and I grabbed her and put her down to the ground and began saying to her "no! don't move, you can't move! Stay here!" but she squirmed out of my grip and began running off to her house, which was across the street and i assumed she lived there. (i've never seen my neighbours from across the street, but in my dream she was about 30-40 years old). Then I could hear sirens in my dream and eventually I woke up and that's all I could remember.'

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by: John

Hi Georgia,
The initial part is indicative of feeling safe and secure in your current family environment; albeit you Dad is more distant from you than your Mother - you are close to her.
There may exist a perception or fear that the world outside of this environment is unsafe. Furthermore, that any fears you have about as much are typically addressed for you by your mother.
It would seem in this dream your mother is attempting to make you aware that you need to assume control over the external fears (i.e. telling you to hold her).
I believe the naked female is perhaps symbolic of how you may feel in the "big, bad world"... vulnerable.
Grabbing and holding the female may indicate you try to take hold of your fears but they get the better of you (female squirming free).
It is my impression this dream is very much about a fear of independence.

Thank you!
by: Georgia

i've been stressing about moving out next year, 7 hours away from my mum, so this all sounds very relevant. it's obvious now how my stresses have passed over to my dreams and it's good to now understand what my dreams are expressing even if it scares me. thanks john!

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