Dream Interpretation: Spiral Staircase

by Laura

Visitor's Dream: 'I had a dream that I was climbing a spiral staircase. The idea of a Nautilus shell came to me in the dream, as that was the shape of the staircase. There were different flights of stairs, each leading to a landing, and some flights were going up and some were going down, even though I was climbing in a particular direction. In other words, even though I was climbing up, some of the flights were going down, all the while curling in on itself. I wasn't on my way anywhere in particular - I was just climbing this staircase twice before I woke up.

I can't remember any particular feeling other than being fascinated by the strangeness of the stairs - and the word Nautilus that seemed to be significant, but I'm not sure why. Strange!'

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by: John

Hi Laura,
nautilus shells are fascinating in and of themselves let alone a dream about one. I believe this is a message from the unconscious about a possible tendency to overlook the beauty and fascinating aspects in life while climbing up (i.e. getting ahead).

by: John

Hi again Laura,
My partner just reminded me the nautilus shell has been shown to be of significance with respect to geometry. Check this link out: http://www.mathman.biz/html/colorspirals.html

If my analysis doesn't ring a chord perhpaps the mathematics of it will. I find it interesting that the relationship between the nautilus shell's growth and the geometrical equation came about via synchronicity (something I want to cover more about on this site in future). Maybe, the dream is a message to pay attention to signs in waking life?

by: Laura

Hi John,

Thank you, the link you gave me is fascinating. It also rings true that I'm not appreciating the beauty of the moment as much as I should. I've also been thinking that I'm working really hard to advance myself in my career - and the stairs going up and down while I'm climbing could maybe be about failures and successes that are all part of the journey. Good stuff.

by: John

You're welcome Laura.

dream of spiral stair that ending up in a beauityful place like a church NEW
by: lisa

I dream of clamming spiral stairs that ending up in a beautiful place like a secret church colors red, gold, purple seats but no one was sitting in the people was waiting to go inside but I was getting ahead of everyone because I new a secrete way in I'm claiming at any close police chasing some but they don't see me because of all of the people on the stair claiming up and down but still going up when I get to the place that is secrete people getting ready for the people coming in I cant hear what their are talking about but I have to hide from the police I have this dream over and over and I get closer every dream

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