Dream Interpretation: Strange

Visitor's Dream: 'I placed a microwave in the freezer which fitted perfectly. I didn't find it strange that I did that, in fact it felt normal to do that. I walked off and then came back to the freezer to take the microwave out. I placed the microwave on a kitchen bench and opened the microwave door. As I opened it lots and lots of ice cubes started to fall out and they all landed on the floor. When I looked inside the microwave, it was filled with ice cubes. It felt slightly strange to see ice cubes falling out of the microwave but I didn't do anything about it. This all happened in the kitchen with the lights on so I'm assuming that it happened during the night.'

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by: John

I believe this dream is about a desire to speed up the process of something in your life that you feel is taking too long. However, in saying that, the dream also appears to be suggesting that in order to solve this problem you should look towards using conventional methods/thought in an unconventional manner. That if you think outside the square you will find by combining two opposites you will gain a perfect fit and obtain a surprise solution.

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