Dream Interpretation: Tall Building and Gushing Water

by Amu Pillay
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Visitor's Dream: 'I've never had repeated dreams in 40 years of my life. For the first time, twice I had a dream where I was in a tall building and water was gushing, something like a tsunami. In the first dream my two older sisters and younger brother were with me. One sister perished but I don't know what happened to my other siblings. Although the dream moved on to another scene/location, I was still surrounded by water, this time muddy and overflowing like from a broken bank or flooded area.

In the second dream I was alone. I saw bolts hitting the ground and looked out the window and saw small explosions. Then I noticed water gushing towards the building I was in.

In both dreams I KNOW (not THINK but KNOW!!!) I was going to die when I saw the water rising and feeling the building about to collapse. I wasn't afraid but more like "well, this is it!". As soon as I said those words, it was like that's the ENDing. eg, if you've done something wrong, the very next second you'd have some kind of feeling connected to the crime - guilt or fear - but in my dream there is no continuation. That was it to my life as I know it.

I wake up feeling perplexed, a little displaced and most definitely queesy about my life.'

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by: John

interestingly I have been having VERY similar dreams about floods but in every instance I escape and find higher ground. I never feel worried about the flood because I feel as though I will always find an "out".
Your dreams seem to be different in the sense that there appears to be a distinct knowledge that you will die. That life as you know it is over. With that in mind, I'm wondewring if there is something going on in your life that you feel overwhelmed by? Something that you feel is "gushing" upon you and there is no out? No out and your acceptance of "the end" may mean you wish the supposed overwhelming matter in waking life would hurry up and consume you as opposed to slowly creeping up upon you?

Dream NEW
by: By Wild Moon Princess

I've been having a repeat dream, where I'm in the world trade centre and sometimes I don't even no I'm there till the last minuet of the dream. but I'm with people I don't even know, than looking from a window I notice water coming like a wave across buildings and heading for the tower.

I have this dream a lot but sometimes it happens in different ways and it's always the same building just wondering if anyone could help me out.

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