Dream Interpretation: The Angel Bus

by Kassie

Visitor Post: 'My friend and I went to a party and we were raped by these guys. We got away and they got mad ... She wanted to leave town so she got money from her mom.

We had to type a special number to get the right bus: ' The angel bus'. Only good people can be on it and no one can hurt you ...

I only got on to make sure those guys weren't on it. But the bus stared to move. I asked the bus driver to turn around but the bus stared to blow up . Cristina and I got off and hid on a roof ~ it had a secret door.

We started to head home ... When we got there, there was this guy going from house to house. When he came to ours he gave my mom some pills but said they wouldn't keep us safe from the devil's helper if we were self-conscious.

So the pill never helped me. I'm not sure what happed next because I woke up. What does this mean?'

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by: John

Hello Kassie,
This is an interesting dream. Can you please tell me what was going on in your waking life around this time?

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by: Graham

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