Dream Interpretation: The Harley Davidson Stove

by Jenny

Visitor's Dream: 'I flew to Heidi and Walt’s house (former neighbor) in something like a flying screened-in front porch. I parked the "porch" and they opened the front door. They were glad to see me. They wanted to show me their new stove. It had handle bars like a Harley Davidson coming from the back of the stove. Since the controls were in the handlebars and they were over the stove I wondered how you used them without burning your hands and thought you wouldn’t be able to put a tall pot on a burner because the handle bars were in the way.'

In the next scene we were in the living room talking when I realized Mac (my dog) was on an end table chewing up Heidi’s old leather bible from 1896 or 1912—somewhere in there. I hadn’t realized that Mac and Maddie were there—and was surprised it was Mac doing the damage. It was from the Netherlands or somewhere like that. I said I’d buy her a new Bible just like it but I knew I could never replace it. But she didn’t seem to mind and pulled out an order form I could use. As I turned to leave something flew over my head. It was Heidi’s dog. It had been perched on top of the lamp stand and I hadn’t noticed it was there. Then I left.

Key symbols—stove, bible
Key feeling—good, peaceful; curious of stove and horrified at Mac eating bible
Nothing in my life that i can relate any part of this to

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by: John

the first part seems to be related to perhaps a tendency on your behalf to be put off by perceived risk. In the dream it seems you find the stove intriguing yet immediately jump to the practicalities of its use and concern about being burnt (going to get your hands burnt). This is also reiterated in your flying screened in porch (safety?)
The next part suggests to me that there is some value/moral or even spiritual issue from your past. Something that maybe you feel you lost and cant get back (?) I think this also ties in with the first part of the dream in that maybe you seek some form of spiritual awakening but are scared you will get burnt (or perhaps did already)?
The part with the order form suggests your friend didn't know what she had; was not aware of the full worth of something - maybe her own spirituality?
Being surprised at your dog doing the damage might be a projection that you don't assume full responsibility for something? That perhaps you inadvertently hide behind something/someone rather than take full blame?
The dog flying over your head as you leave might be symbolism for the entirety of my explanation: Something hanging over your head?

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