Dream Interpretation: The Port Authority Dream

by Beatrice

Visitor's Dream: 'The dream had to do with Port Authority building. The structure of the Port authority was 1/3 almost finished and job openings were being handed out. Some people got their uniforms and were already working but, many were making long lines to get into the building to apply for a Port Authority job. Those who had jobs were happy. Those applying looked sad. I was going to apply to work for the Port Authority and then later said to myself well, who will watch Haley. I was concerned for Haley. Then, I sat on a bench to think about what I was going to do. I needed to take time to think about my decision. A young girl who was sitting saw me came up to me and hugged me. There was an Indian man also waiting on the right of me sitting on the bench. The girl looked Indian, frail and young but, told me that she went to school with me. I did not recognize her. She told me in a frenzy, please you need to come and help Rebecca! I had no idea who was Rebecca. She continue to say, Rebecca needs you to pray for her. She is very ill. She broke her foot in half and needs prayer. She also said, I know that God can heal her but, please go see her! I wrote my telephone number on a small piece of paper I ripped and told her to call me that I would pick her up in her neighborhood. She will direct me to Rebecca. I had no information of the hospital where the woman was but, since she knew where the hospital was I did not even get the information. Then the dream ended.'

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by: John

Hi Beatrice,
I think this dream might have something to do with a need on your behalf to make important decisions in your life, namely to do with your finances, career, and daughter. It would seem there is stress related to making decisions about how to balance these out. However, I believe the primary message in this dream is that when you set aside time to attempt to sort your own life out you are destracted by external influences (ie people). It would seem that you might be too willing to help others instead of putting your own needs first. Evidence of this in the dream is a) you didnt know the Indian girl, b) you didnt know who Rebecca was c) the girl could have prayed herself as she knew God would help, d) she was already at the hospital being looked after etc yet you STILL assumed the role of taking care of them.
As I said, I believe the dream is highlighting a need on your behalf to look after yourself first.

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