Dream Interpretation: Travel Dreams

by Anonymous

Visitor's Dream: 'I had two dreams in the same night about preparing to travel. I can't remember much detail, except that the feeling I had was one of chaos. People were moving in and out of the room as I tried to get my packing done, and I kept being distracted, all the while feeling as if I wasn't getting anything done and that I was not going to finish in time to be able to leave.

Both times I woke up before I could finish my packing or leave.

In my waking life I'm feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment as I'm starting out on a new career path. It feels like I'm moving in circles. It's a steep learning curve and it doesn't feel like I'm making much progress.

I wish the dream had a message or an answer for me, but it just seems to be a reflection of what's happening in my waking life.'

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by: John

I can see how this definitely relates to your waking life and why you would be frustrated that the dream, on the surface, offers nothing more. However, the fact that you had a dream of similar material and theme in one night suggests you needed 'reminding". With that in mind, I perceive the dreams are providing insight to the problem. Let me expalin...
the dreams are about travel. No mention is given to the excitement of the adventure. The only attention given is to the need to prepare, the confusion, the chaos, and the tension. To me, the dream is highlighting that you are too focussed on the aforementioned "negatives" as opposed to enjoying the prospect of the upcoming adventure. Again, too focussed on preparation and "getting there" as opposed to the journey itself. Relax into your career. Take the pressure off. Enjoy the journey.

by: Anonymous

I never though of it that way, but it's very true. I'm glad there's a message after all - and a good one.

Thanks for your help, man. Love your site!

by: John

You're welcome & very much appreciate the feedback.

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