Dream Interpretation: Trip to Heaven

Visitor's dream: 'I was standing at the beach, multiple sea-creatures visible from the land, a peaceful and secluded place, and time moved slower. Clear blue skies and calm water. I left feeling excitement and happiness. I came back only this time I brought someone I truly care for. Someone I love. He was very happy that I brought him. I held him and I had somehow transformed into an angel and flew off with him. I had taken him to heaven and we spent the rest of our time there together. I was flying smoothly and we also traveled underwater. I do not remember any other visual details, but I do remember feeling happiness and true love in the dream. the only thing I think might have triggered it is the fact that I realized I love him recently.'

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by: John

I believe this dream is about removing yourself from the pace of life to become attuned to your surrounds. It would seem to date you have appreciated this on your own and to some degree kept your life for you. Perhaps this was because you felt a need to hold sacred those thing s you cherish until you were sure the person you could share them with could be trusted and would also hold such appreciation. There seems to be a protective factor in this dream, in that, you strongly desire to take care of this person, watch over him (angel) and have you both live well (heaven).

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by: Cook

It would seem to me the dream suggests you were in a relationship with no real direction and it 'hit a wall' that you couldn't overcome due to some issue within yourself. There was something you felt possibly insecure about (or not good enough); that you never quite measured up. Interestingly the nautilus shell is one of nature's most well-known creations containing the golden ratio. The perfect ratio.
In the dream you see the nautilus but she collects it and states how perfect it is.
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