Dream Interpretation: Van on fire

by Michelle
(Alexandria, al, us)

Visitor's Dream: 'My kids and I were going to the mall in my van. As we drove, we went through one intersection and barely missed a wreck; then up the road a little there was another car wreck with big trucks. As I passed through, the undercarriage of my van caught on fire.......

This dream has been on my mind, I also remember when I left my house it was very sunny but as I cleared the 1st car wreck it started getting very gloomy out.'

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by: John

I perceive this dream may be about a crossroads in life (may be a relationship?) and that you fear there may be damage done or potential for it. Furthermore, that the possible damage may come (in your mind) as a result of you venturing beyond where you are comfortable. The undercarriage catching fire may suggest you will get burnt (a little) but you will pass through. The fact you are driving implies you are in control.

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