Dream Interpretation: What just happened

by Yael

Visitor's Dream: 'I had a dream I was sleeping and in my bed in my room and all of a sudden I felt the presence of something..something started moving me from inside. I felt like my body was being controlled by something and I don't remember if it was trying to hurt me but my breathing felt weird.

I could hear it speaking and after a minute I knew something was controlling me. I was very scared because I was fighting to see what it was--perception would switch from mine to whatever was controlling me.

Whenever I tried to look I could hear rumbling and my eyesight would shake around and become blurry. I finally gave up for a minute...slowly looked up and saw a weird looking cartoon like pig wearing nice clothes and I think and old fashion eye-glass. I started talking to it and said "so it's you who's doing all of this" and it smiled. Then I slowly knew in my head I was going to kill it and started to come closer and say" You stupid little..." and continuously insult it, my words flew out perfectly in a string of insults.

Then after I grabbed a hold of it I said "and now I'm going to kill you." It felt like a balloon as I was pulling it down and then I strangled it and felt its body vibrating and slowly leaving. I didn't let go after it was "dead" and I died all over again and sad music started playing.....

What just happened? What does this mean!??!

I felt fear, shortness of breath like something was controlling me, and then anger and then defeat. I was so happy I fought and defeated it instead of having it defeat me.

I am happy with my life right now... haven't had any big things happen recently.'

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by: John

this one is odd!

What sticks out to me in this is that once you stop fighting you were able to gain clarity and a sense of the situation. Perhaps in waking life you are fighting against something that if you ceased for a moment and took toll, the pause might deliver you some clearer perspective. In doing so, it might also enable you to see that what you thought was able to defeat you is actually quite a joke in terms of being a threat? Thus, when you worked this out you were able to "kill" it; do away with it; defeat it; over power it.

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