Dream Interpretation: Wooden Ship on the sea

by Camilla Muyo

Visitor's Dream: 'I remember I was on this different ship looking out at the ocean (It wasn't just me, there were navy people there with me on the ship). Then when I looked to the left was this old wooden battle ship (And I mean with wooden cannons it was all wet though), It was tipped on its side, so the cannons were facing diagonal. Then afterwards there were these two men swimming away from the wooden ship. I looked at them.. then looked away. Anyway we went onto the ship to explore even though it was tilted. When we got in it was so olden, beautiful, damp (I hate damp wood and air), I remember the air being hot and damp.

In this dream I felt happy (because of the ship), frightened (a bit) but I don't know why? I've had this dream twice now maybe three times.

The thing is it's connected to a dream where I'm eating these sweets that make who ever eat them show their colour. (This dream takes place beside my house like I'm in front of my neighbour's house). I ate this sweet and I looked at my left leg, it was glowing red. At the bottom of my foot I was steeping red. Like you can see my skin and everything but it was just glowing red. I was feeling so happy so I started to skip. Then I looked back... weirdly my left leg was red then my right was blue, I looked at my trail for like a second then I got scared and woke up.

I really need to know why I'm dreaming of this 3 times. It's always connected together. And I don't know why? The first time I didn't remember, second time I remembered a bit, third I remember everything.'

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by: John

Hey, before I start attempting to analyse this can you please tell me how you think these dreams are connected?

Answer (Sorry it took a while- John)
by: Camilla Muyo

Ummm I really don't know how, I'm really sorry. I think it's mostly something to do with where I'm comfortable and where I'm not. Maybe.

Answer (Sorry it took a while- John)
by: Camilla Muyo

Ummm sorry, I don't know if I sent you it, the comment doesn't show sorry.
Yeah well I think it has something to do with where I feel comfortable and where I feel tension.

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