Dream Interpretations: Death of a friend

by Matt
(Kennesaw, Georgia, us)

Visitor's Dream: 'Hey my name is Matt and I had this dream a few months ago but i just found this site. My best friend had recently died in a car crash and it was a really bad time for the friends and family. He had just turned 18 years old.

In the dream i was walking along the top row of bleachers at a sporting event. My mom and one of her friends were there also and then a big flash happened and I wake up sitting on a white couch in an all white room. It is very bright and I assumed that i fell off the bleachers and died. When i turned around i saw a sign that said heaven and one that said hell. I immediately thought of my friend Alex and ran into heaven and sure enough he was sitting right there reading a newspaper. We embraced in a huge and loving hug and it was obvious that we missed each other. We both went to use the bathroom and then went back out to where he was sitting and just sat there. He continued to read the paper and I tried to see what it was but he kept hiding it from me. I finally grabbed it and it was pictures of him and the car from the car accident he was in. The pictures were gruesome and looked so real and it stays in my head to this day. No words were spoken and that is all I remember about the dream. Please help me find out what this means!

Thank you, Matt'

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by: John

Hi Matt,
I think this dream is about your indecision with regard to how to come to terms with your friend's death. The falling from the bleachers at a sporting event (life) seems to me to be about your curiosity at what awaits after this life. Interestingly, in your dream when you see the signs stating "Heaven" and "Hell" there is no awaiting for judgment on your behalf; it is as if you simply assume you progress to where you choose to be. Your choice in the dream appears based on nothing to do with yourself but where you envisage your friend to be. Thus, it would seem to me you believe Alex is in a better place. However, given the remainder of the content, in particular the part to do with him reading the paper, it would seem you perhaps wonder if he is in anyway suffering from the trauma of life.
There seems to be a distinct wish on your behalf to reconnect; a wish that he was still here or you were with him. That things were "real" or "normal" again (bathroom).
The fact he is reading about his death in the newspaper suggests you may wonder if he is even aware of what has happened to him. His protection of you from the images in the newspaper perhaps implies that a part of you wants to know the full details to gain closure - a need to know the full story - but whether this is necessary or healthy. From the dream, it would seem Alex does not believe so.

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