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The Physical Self

Welcome to our dream meanings of the physical self page, where we explore dreams depicting the anatomy of the body, including the face, eyes, ears, mouth, body and various organs. Dream Meanings The symbolism of our physical bodies is a powerful reflection of our general wellbeing, the emotions we feel and the situations we find ourselves in.


The face in particular is the part of ourselves that most clearly display our feelings. If we dream of the face of a significant other, especially someone deceased, it could signify the communication of a message. If they are smiling, it could mean they are happy with your progress - or that they want you to know that they have found contentment. If sad, it may mean that they disagree with a course of action that you've chosen.

The meaning of dreams where you're looking in the mirror at your own face may indicate that you're not entirely happy with your own choices or the way you have acted recently.


Eyes have been described as the 'windows to the soul' and in dreams they may represent enlightenment, wisdom, protection and stability.

Different authors have interesting ideas about eye colors appearing in dreams. Douglas Clucas writes in his book on dreams:

'Blue eyes suggest fickleness and warn of inconsistency in love. Hazel eyes tell the dreamer to beware of those who would use flattery to deceive, and brown eyes caution against placing too much faith in what is 'said' as opposed to what is actually 'done'."

Rashid Ahmad and Adam Fronteras have a different take on eyes:

'Brown eyes mean a new passionate affair but also that someone could deceive you. Blue eyes indicate a new friendship but they may also let you down.'

Perhaps it makes more sense to ask yourself what your unique association is with eyes of different colors. For example, if your deceased mother had beautiful blue eyes and you dream of blue eyes, it may mean that your mother is looking down on you with love. If someone in your past with brown eyes rejected you and you dream of brown eyes, that same pattern of feeling rejected may be repeating itself in your waking life.


If ears play a prominent part in your dreams, you have to ask yourself what message you're not hearing.


Mouths may mirror concerns that you have about others taking about you behind your back. A mouth with luscious lips may indicate sexual desire.

The Body

If the head and neck appear prominently in your dreams, it may be a message from your dreaming mind to focus your mind, or think before you act. It may also be a warning to use your head in matters of love, as opposed to blindly following your heart.

Shoulders represent carrying some sort of burden, while dreaming of your back may imply a concern that others are plotting against you.

The chest is an area of the body that represents strength and authority. A powerful torso is a sign of empowerment for men in particular.

The appearance of legs and feet in a dream symbolizes the foundation of a sense of stability in our lives. Legs signify decision-making - perhaps you need to move in a new direction. Dreams of feet may sometimes point to the journeys and obstacles of life.

You can find more information on the symbolism of the body in our Dream Dictionary: Body.


Your physical wellbeing is mirrored in dreams about the organs of the body. For example, to dream about your stomach may indicate worries and fears in waking life, while dreaming of the liver may imply a need to detoxify the body.

Dream meanings of the heart represents love, compassion and sincerity. A dream featuring the heart may indicate a new romance or the rekindling of an old one. To bleed in a dream symbolizes a loss of power.

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