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Dreams take over our minds while we are sleeping. Dream meanings offer a wealth of information but the fascinating and surreal world of the subconscious.

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The Physical Self

Dream Meanings

We are the stars in our own dreams, so the sybolism of the physical body is ripe for interpretation. The way your body appears to you in a dream can represent the way you see yourself in life. If you dream of negative bodily aspects, for example body odour, it can be a reflection of self-deprecating feelings. Sometimes we dream ourselves slimmer, more muscular, or more attractive than we really are, which may be a reflection of how we desire to be seen. Dreams of certain organs, for example the kidneys may indicate health probems, but to dream of disease generally signifies good news. Go to the Physical Self.

The Emotional Self

Dream Meanings

Our emotions are at the heart of our lives. It is no secret that dreams are often manifestations of our deepest fears and anxieties. Dreaming of fear in itself can help us to resolve obstacles in real life. Common dreams that depict fear include failure, falling, isolation and humiliation. The intense emotion of anger is sometimes an indication that we need to calm down and work towards a compromise with someone close to us.

The Spiritual Self

Dream Meanings

The search for spiritual answers is as old as humankind. We want to know who we are and what our purpose is. Spiritual dreams are often an exploration of our values, beliefs, and faith, as well as issues such as luck and violence. Magical and fantastical symbols can represent feelings, people and events in ways that can shed new light on a situation. The dreamscape plays an essential role in helping us understand the deeper meaning of life. Go to the Spiritual Self.


Dream Meanings

It is not surprising that our loved ones feature in our dreams, although we often dream of people with whom we have superficial relationships too. Some dreams centre around fictitious relationship with a wide range of characters. Dreams of true love and seductive desires are common. They don't always represent fantasies, but can reveal hidden sides of our character.

House and Home

Dream Meanings

Home is where the heart is. It can refer to the building that we call 'home', to a location, or to where we come from. The meaning of dreams about home depends on individual associations with home. If you've had a stable upbringing and have positive associations with the word 'home', your dreams of a house or home may represent experiences of stability and satisfaction, or a yearning for it. If you have hurtful memories of your childhood home, then dreaming of home may indicate a repetition of those negative patterns in your life. Dreams of house and home also include themes of food , and anything else that symbolizes being 'home'.

Work, School and Play

Dream Meanings

The day-to-day affairs of life like work and play are common features of our dreams. We absorb so much information in these settings that our dreams often assist us in sifting through the confusion and making sense of it all. Images related to education crop up throughout our lifetime, because we never stop learning. Dreaming of examinatons is a good example of this... it often indicates a fear of failure. Dreams of work and play may mirror strong feelings that we're experiencing in those settings. Work in particular can fill our lives so it's only natural that it will take up time in our dreamspace. Even dreams of leisurely pursuits can reveal a lot of the state of our lives. Games in general can represent achievement.

The Journey

Dream Meanings

Journeys feature heavily in our dreams since they are such a great metaphor for life itself. Travel dreams are not simply a way of urging the sleeper to expand their horizons, the transport we use, the paths we travel, and the experiences we encounter are all important to understanding their meaning. Dreams of all kinds of journeys often represent emotional journeys in all different aspects of our lives, from relationships to careers to how we develop as individuals. Obstacles in particular often echoes challenges in waking life. Journeys often represent change and dream symbols related to travel and voyage are rich with meaning.

The Natural World

Dream Meanings

Basic motifs stemming from the natural world play a big part in representing the more complex events and feelings in our life. This include dreams of the natural landscape, vegetation and plants, alongside with weather and events outside of human control. One example is storms, which powerful imagery represents obstacles to be fought, while a rainbow indicates that the worst is over and your dreams may come true after all. From the highest mountain to the deepest sea, from the ferocious force of a volcano to the earth's natural treasures such as gold and diamonds, dreams of the natural world remind us of nature's beauty and awesome power. At the same time, these earthy elements emphasize our current physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.


Dream Meanings

When we dream of animals, they often represent people we know. Their animal form may simply be the dreaming mind's way of revealing the character and personality of someone you know, or how you see them. Animals also embody various situations and emotions. For example, a peacock may predict marriage or the flowering of libido, while a cow represents abundance. Animals have always been closely connected with the gods and have performed an important role in shaping our spirituality. They are intrinsically linked with abstract concepts. Some creatures that appear in our dreams act as omens of good fortune while others forebode ambiguous luck.


Dream Meanings

Plants are another aspect of the natural world that delight and enchant us. If we are content, we may dream of sitting in a beautiful tropical garden surrounded by dazzling flowers, but if sad or troubled, we may dream we are lost in the darkness of a tangled forest.

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