Dream Of A White Phoenix Like Peacock & A Package

by Yuveraj Chelappa
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hi My name is Yuveraj from Malaysia. I had a dream yesterday. I dream that, I was seating in a field with a lot of people around, we were watching a sports match (not sure what sports it is). My mom was seated in front of me. As I looked up the clear sky, a white peacock was flying and hovering between the white clouds. It was a beautiful windy and sunny day. I was telling to the people around me "Look there is a white peacock above us..can u see? But, no one bothered and they can see it but only me. Then I looked up again, the white peacock was zooming down towards me. The closer it got to me, the brighter and bigger it got and I could feel its glowing heat. As it came closer...It was the purest milky white I have ever seen and with its wingspan it was as large as a Fokker 50 or a Cessna (single-engine) plane above me. On its chest, There was a big and thick Gold emblem decorated with green emerald stone design and diamonds on it. It was almost like a big huge necklace. It was holding a package in its feet and looked at me directly and dropped over me. I took the package(it was like a sack bag),inside of it there is a small bag contains of three ripe bananas, in another small bag contains five index finger sized birds(4 are mixed colored-white,black and brown 1 was a shinny black one), then there was a small thick book, packed and tied with a leather string and it was a heavy book too. Once received that package, I heard someone shouting, an old man fell on the ground, he had a heart-attack. I i quickly ran towards him and gave a bird to him, I took another bird and gave my mother. I have three birds left,I told to myself, I'm going to keep the black shinny one and give away the balance two birds. This was my dream. Please help me, because after the dream, My chest felt very heavy and I actually felt the warmth of the peacock/phoenix and also felt the texture and the weight of the book. It was very real.

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by: John

Hi Yuveraj,
What a beautiful dream. This is deeply symbolic. Before I go ahead and try and attempt to dicipher the content, can you please tell me what is currently taking place for you on a spiritual level? What are your relgious thoughts etc?
Game of life.

Deep Changes
by: Yuveraj

Hi John,

Good to here from you. About the spiritual changes, yes, I've been going thru that since the age of 21 I started asking questions Why I was born here?, Where I was before this?, Who/What actually created the universe?, Are we still in contact with other civilizations that are not from this earth, maybe from a different planetary system? ant etc. I was born Hindu, at the age of 21 I embraced Buddhism, because it made sense and I could practice something that made logical sense and it could define science as well. But this past 2 years as I went deeper, something inside me always tells me that there is more than what we are practicing in our daily life, there is a bigger picture that we human beings fail to see. I told myself now, is the time to go deeper as it can take me...deep down the rabbit's hole. Now I understand that religion is just a basic education to live life or to say teaching the basic principles of life to keep the balance on Earth and it has been continued for all these years and we as common mortals just follows it by not questioning it and looking at it in a deeper sense. I have had other strange dreams before and each time I dream it makes it so real that I could feel it. I vowed this last year that I will find out "The Truth of All Truth", on how everything begin and that will be the day I will get enlightenment.


by: John

ok here goes...
The watching of television in the field might be symbolic of the 'game of life'.
Your Mum being in front of you might indicate perhaps she is blocking you in some way (your view and/or keeping you bound to ceratin beliefs).
Clear skies are up, not ahead; look up for truth. The peacock - white symbol of beauty and pureness and truth.
The others couldnt see it or didnt want to, is indicative that they are not seeking truth as dilligently as you. The peacock zoomed down to you because you looked and saw it; the more you seek the more vision you get and the closer you allow God to get to you. God in some sense is the peacock. Thats why it felt warm - truth.
Notice how the closer it got the more you appreciated its beauty and its size... God is bigger than any of us can imagine!
More beautiful than we can fathom with treasures (emerald and diamonds).
I believe the package is a gift for you; for your dilligence in seeking truth. The 3 bananas being ripe indicative of your readiness for spiritual nourishment.
The book and birds suggest to me gifts of discernment and sharing of wisdonm and truth.
The man having a heart attack is perhaps a closed heart.. a broken heart.. in need of spirtual care which you were able to provide. Doing God's work. The work being to help people reconnect to God free of doctrine and religion; just pure connectedness.
I believe this dream is a gift. A reward for seeking truth. Keep seeking. Listen.

Great Appreciation!
by: Yuveraj

John, I really Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a clear and concise understanding of the dream and also made my pathway clear of confusions (but no doubt). I will accept that this 2013 is a great year for me and the people around me. I will continue in my quest for seeking the "Truth Of All Truth" and take my life wherever God want me too!..Thank you so much John!


by: John

You are most welcome. Keep in touch.

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by: Biman

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Thank you! NEW
by: Jenn

Nice interpretation. I stumbled upon your site searching for meaning to a dream I had last night. I see the connection. Thank you! :)

Hi John NEW
by: Yuveraj Optimus

Currently, I am married and just a month ago we had a baby girl. We got married last year, but since the time of marriage, we had gone through a lot of struggle. Both of us lost our job and some how we manage to pull back things together, my wife was pregnant at the same time. It was a struggle moment. But I never failed to uphold my dreams. Always intended to live my dream life. Always pursue my dream project that I wanted to establish. Spiritually, I'm aware of relative karmic affects and we actually hold on strong to each other and we manage to pull through. My believe is that I still have faith that the universe will provide me what I have dreamed, I will create my future.

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