Dream Of My Dead Grandmother Who Passed Few Months Ago

by priyanka
(gurgaon, haryana, india)

i saw i and my grandfather standing outisde the house.. my grandmother came and in my dream i know that she is dead.. but she came and looks young enough around 50 and she said "dolly come here and my both son's wife are of no use.. do one thing ..." i dont remember what she actually said.. i only she said call group of people organise some event and give 11 rupees to everyone...!!

earlier i saw one dream about her is that..:-

i also saw her dream where she said come akansha(my cousin)..come akansha....come akansha...!! and m scared and feels as if she is watching me..in my dreams!!!

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by: John

you have nothing to fear. She is attempting to connect with her family; possibly has a message. Don't be scared and ask her what the message is. The dreams are of love and not something to shun.

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by: Anonymous

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