Dream Quotes: The Hidden Power of Dreams

by Annabelle
(Byron Bay)

Reader Post: 'I don't know if you're familiar with Denise Linn's book, The Hidden Power of Dreams: The Mysterious World of Dreams Revealed.

I love the way that she leads into the first chapter with the following about dreams:

'Dreams are the mysterious language of the night. Each evening after the setting sun has beckoned the moon, a golden harvest is woven into our slumbering consciousness.'

She goes on to say,

'Visions from the enigmatic, nocturnal realm have been described as messages from the gods and have helped shape the destiny of individuals as well as nations. Since the dawn of time, dream weavers have slipped through the crack between the two worlds to touch the reaches of inner space and reap the bounty of the night.'

I believe we can all benefit from paying more attention to the secret messages in our dreams.'

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