Dream Quotes: The World of Dreams

by Tom Heffer

Reader Post: 'I never used to take much notice of my dreams until I started seeing a psychologist a few months ago. He asked me about my dreams and I was blown away by the discoveries I made once I started to keep a dream journal.

I borrowed a book from the psychologist called Dreams and Destinies: The Mysteries of your Dreams Explained by Beryl Beare. This is my favorite quote about dreams in the book:

'Imagine you are going to spend one third of the next year in a strange country. Almost certainly, you will try to find out as much about it as you can. You will probably consult guide books and maps, and check on such things as travel, climate and language. Yet we spend approximately one third of our life asleep, and know so little about the intriguing world of our dreams!'

I find this is so true. Once I started to gain insight into the strange world of dreams, I also started to understand unknown aspects of my own personality.'

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