by Joanne
(brooklyn, new york, US)

Here is my dream:

My boss is also a pastor and I dream that I saw he had a lot of fish and he did not share it with anyone. I became very mad because I thought here is a man of God who is not willing to share, since there are so many people who is in need. I thought, if I don't do something the fish will go bad, so I started salting them. What does that dream mean?

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by: John

I believe it is a reflection of you...
The dream is presented as being about the pastor's lack of generosity, however, it is deeper than that. It is more likely to do with your perception in waking life that you must fix things. Perhaps you feel the need to look after everyone elses problems?

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by: Anonymous

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by: Simon Collins

I think that means you are a good person and want to help others.

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