Dreaming Of Saving My Sister Who Has Passed

by Nicki

My younger sister recently died of unknown causes, and every night since her passing I have had the same dream.

Since I already know my sister has passed on, I dream that I know how to save her life and prevent her from dying.
Charlotte (my sister) was aged 19 and died in her sleep. My first dream was, I knew this was going to happen to her, so I stayed with her the night before and my presence was enough to stop her from dying.
The dreams have gotten alot more vivid though. I now dream that I know Charlotte is going to die, how she is going to die and when she is going to die, so I manage to turn back time to before the event and resucitate her when she starts to die again. Each time I have these dreams, I am successful in saving her, however I then wake up to realise its not happened and my sister is still deceased. Any ideas?

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by: John

Hi Nikki
I believe the dreams you are having are entirely geared toward your subconscious desire to control the outcome. A perfectly natural reaction given the circumstances. If you look at the dreams from the perspective of 'what am I supposed to learn?' I believe you will begin to give over to the notion that life - in and of itself - is a paradox with respect to being controllable and uncontrollable. In this instance, I believe the dreams are designed to help you in your grief via giving over to the process of life. Moving with the flow and not trying to 'turn back time'.

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