Dreams of Travel

Some of the most compelling dreams are dreams of travel, because they often tell of the journey of the self toward wholeness. Travel dreams often refer to a spiritual quest toward self-knowledge.

Some authors describe the very act of dreaming as journey into the centre of the self. The symbols of travel dreams may reveal the stages of your development.

Another way to interpret travel dreams are deciphering your feelings about it. What are the conditions under which you're travelling and what is your mode of transport? Your car may be an extension of your personality. Someone colliding with your car in a dream and damaging it, may represent someone attacking you in waking life. If the car is dirty, or old and worn-out, you may have feelings about getting older. If you're struggling with a car that has broken down, what does it say about your relationships? If you're cherishing your car in the dream, it may reflect a narcissistic tendency - 'I love me!'

As with all journeys, there are many paths that you can take to get to the same goal. Dream travels that take you far afield may hint at a lifestyle that is cramped and claustrophobic. Consider if you need to change and broaden your interests. Maybe you have a deep longing for travel and dream of it as a hungry man will dream of food.

If your dream depicts worrisome events ahead, it may also bring a message to go in another direction to avoid pitfalls. Reaching your destination could indicate a certain degree of self-satisfaction; not reaching your destination may mean that you're beginning a new journey.

Good travel omens include dreaming of setting out on an adventure, maps that show a happy journey, rainbows that indicate financial windfalls, straight roads, sailing on calm seas, and stars in a clear sky.

Bad travel omens include sinking boats that indicate sinking hope, passing under a bridge instead of over it, barren deserts, flying backward, hills and mountains that need to be overcome, and shipwrecks.

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