I dreamed about my husband was driving the car with me & our three children at the back seat. We are heading to a road & we can see there was water coming to the road ( bright blue colour water). I told my husband don't go there as there looks like a flood. But he didn't listen to me as the car in front of him went through. As we head towards the water, our car started filled with the blue water. I panicked & all I said was how my youngest son is not going to make it . And then I just wake up.

I felt the dream is indicating my relationship with my husband but I am not sure.

My husband & I going through a rough patch at the moment. He didn't know what he wants. He said he loves me but we aren't lovers for years so he is not in love with me. I am devastated & heartbroken. I do not want to give up this 18 years of marriage.

Please interprete this dream. Thank you

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by: John

the dream in my view is about your relationship. Your husband driving the car suggests he is in control and you and your children are simply passengers on a journey where ever he wishes it to go.
His ignoring the water even when you point out the obvious suggests that even if you make him aware of the potential problems within your family should you separate he will do his own thing regardless.
Your panic and keeping the presence of mind about your youngest son when the car begins to feel with water might perhaps imply you are most concerned how your relationship and potential separation might affect this child the most.

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