Eating A Bunch Of Wheat & Getting Younger

by Arash

I am currently going through my worst moments of life. I am a male 28 years old. I was diagnosed with lyme disease a year ago and I have been suffering a lot so far. Then three weeks ago I had a kidney pain which still is going on and docs still can't find what's the cause. My kidney function has been worse so far and I am afraid before I can get the right treatment I lose my kidneys. If that happens it means death for me as I have lyme as well and with no kidneys I am surely going to suffer to death.

A couple of weeks ago my cousin had a dream where I was eating a basket of fresh fruits. Also my aunt had dream in which she game my mother a bunch of wheat and my mother gave it to me to eat. After eating that I became younger.
I would like to know if these mean anything in regards with my current situation.

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by: John

very sorry to hear of your plight my friend. Have faith.
On the basis of the dream information provided, it seems to me the theme is associated with crops - nature. Thus, in my view the dreams might be directing you toward possibly seeking an alternative therapy - natural remedies.
Please let me know what you think and if you need strength in support, feel free to drop me a line.

thanks J
by: Arash

Hi John.

Thanks for your support. It's not easy to get myself together at the moment, however even little support would count.
I am looking into natural therapy and hope that I can survive this.
Thanks again and have a lovely new year.


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by: Anonymous

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