Embracing A Grizzley Bear

by L.W

it was mid day and i stepped out side from a trailer i had bought for my day back in 1989. the grass hadnt been mowwed in what seemed like years, weeds every where and downed trees in the yard. the normal road had some how been moved to the back side of the property for some reason. the next thing i know is a grizzley bear comes out of no where. i was not afraid as it walked up to me and starts rubbing against me like a dog would. i thought wow this is great. i reached down and started to scratch the bears head then leaned into the bear and gave it a hug mean while scratching its back almost as if it were a large dog.the more i scratched this animals back the harder it leaned into me. next thing i know 3 cars are comming by slowly inside 1 are 2 people i havent seen in years. though i know and will occasionally talk to them i know they are not a good crowd to be with. 1 says " well i'll be damed look at that and starts to ask questions i cant remember. i ask him to go in my house and get a camera to take a picture of it . as he starts into the house i remember thinking how is this bear going to react to having a flash from a camera . the guy stops and stares at me with fear in his eyes then i woke up.

to my knowledge the only thing i can see significant in my life is the fact we had a survey of our property done 2 years ago and it turns out the surveyor did not do his job correctly . he did not survey the property to the description he surveyed it to my neighbors words. the neighbor had only lived in his house for 1 1/2 years while i have been here for 15. and i am about to go to court because of this

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by: John

if the dream is considered relevant to the topic you suggest it would seem to me the overgrown yard, weeds, and downed trees are symbolic of your life at present - disorganized and out of control. The road being moved might be indicative of the surveying issue.
I perceive the bear is the neighbor. The more you give the more he "leans on you". You trust him somewhat but are still in awe of the occurence because you know you shouldn't trust him - he's dangerous.
The people in the cars being others you do not trust (I believe this may be symbloic of the court system or the surveyor perhaps) are willing to take the photograph but you are concerned how this bear might react if a flash goes off. Or put another way, how your neighbor may react if exposed.

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