Ex Girlfriends Daughter Brings Message

by JP

I am currently in a three way relationship with my girlfriend or ex howerever you view it ,she is currently deciding on who she wants to be with here is a dream I had about it

You and I were suppose to meet for lunch, you were bringing Sam. I was waiting for you in a strip mall parking lot. Sam pulled up in a little two door older sports car and said Mom said to tell you she cant come she has something else to do....I just smiled, and said I didn't think she would make it... I was expecting that, and then I just said well you're here you want to go?

She looked at me for a second and said ok. She looked just like the pics you sent me!. She parked her car and we went for my car. I couldn't remember where I parked it and told her

We walked a few feet and she said there it is....It was my old black Cadillac a 94 Coup D ville black with black leather roof We got in and I started to drive. I said where is your new car
She said to me she still liked this old one and was going to use it for a while
She said So I heard your buying new things ..I said yeah I'm getting rid of some old clothes and getting new stuff.. We drove by my house I said want to see where I live? she said yes

I took her in ,It wasn't my house now Don't know where it was. We walked thru it was fast, She said that's the new couch mom said you bought..I said Yes I didn't buy It I just came home one day and its here
She said looks like your painting and fixing. Moms is fixing the whole house, I said I know she told me..She said I told her we should move and she said I just painted the whole place I'm not going anywhere
We walked out the front door and my dog was drinking from a bowl..Actually it was two dogs, not like mine they looked like two puppies shepherds. they stopped drinking looked at us ears perked

Sam said mom doesn't like your dog! but he is nice.....I just smiled I said I know she told me We got back in the car and started to drive. She said to me, you know there really is no one around,
just you.....I said well Id like to be there for her Sam said well the boogeyman hangs around alot ,he's creepy.......I said I know he is. She said you're the only one.... and she faded away and I was alone.....and for that one second My heart and body got so warm and happy it felt great and in the next second my heart dropped

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by: John

Hi Art,
I believe this dream resembles a preparedness for your future with respect to the relationship you mentioned. There are aspects of the dream that suggest conflicted ideas about the outcome. For instance the suggestion that keeping the old car for a while might indicate a desire to remain with you, while you actually driving the care in the dream might imply you are in 'the driving seat' so-to-speak. The puchasing of 'new stuff' implies you are prepared to do away with the old and start anew. Yet, at the end of the dream the incongruence remains emotively whereby you feel love at her stating you are the only one but heartbreak at her vanishing. In all, it seems the dream is a reflection of your current state of unease and is likely an indication (based on you driving the car) that YOU need to make a decision and not wait for one.


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