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Al Hoots

Al Hoots

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In 1916, a horse owner by the name of Al Hoots entered his mare, “U-See-It” in a claimer. U-See-It was a better than average horse and Hoots’ pride and joy. Prior to the race he had made a verbal agreement with all other owners that if his mare lost, no one could claim her. All owners agreed, U-See-It was beaten, and the winning horse’s owner went back on his word.

Hoots refused to let U-See-It go to the winning owner, Toby Ramsey; Hoots held him off with a shotgun and as a result he and his horse were banned from racing for life.

Later, Hoots was on his deathbed and had a dream that if U-See-It was bred with a leading sire, “Black Toney”, that the foal would win the Kentucky Derby. Hoots’ wife (Rosa) promised Hoots as his dying wish that she would breed their horse with Black Toney. Hoots’ wife was not very financially secure so she had no idea how she was supposed to make the breeding take place.

Soon after, oil was discovered on Rosa Hoots’ property and she was able to honour her deceased husband’s wish. U-See-It was subsequently shipped to be stood at stud by Black Toney. The offspring was a black colt which Rosa named “Black Gold” after the oil that had made his birth possible.

Black Gold won nine races in 18 starts as a two-year-old and then six races in a row as a three-year-old before moving up to compete in the Louisiana Derby. He led at once, splashing through mud to win by six lengths.

Later, Black Gold was entered in the 50th Kentucky Derby and ran as one of the favourites. He won against a very strong field over the last 100 yards. Just as Al Hoots had dreamt!

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