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Nicholas Flamel

Nicholas Flamel

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Nicholas Flamel was a French alchemist in the 14th century. One night he dreamt he was visited by an angel who gave him the following message: "Look good at this book".

Flamel did not understand what the message meant and shared it with associates in order to try and glean whether any of them knew what it was attempting to offer. None of them could discern its meaning either.

A time later, Flamel was working in a bookshop when he was approached by a beggar. The beggar wished to sell a very old book; it looked familiar and then he realized it was the book from his dream. As such, he promptly purchased the literature. The book was a combination of different languages and diagrams.

Flamel spent the next 21 years studying and deciphering the book to discover it was full of ancient wisdom about alchemy. As a result, Flamel had rediscovered the Elixir of Life.

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