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Edwin Moses, an Olympic hurdler from the USA, lined up for a major race in Koblenz, West Germany in August of 1983.

Moses said he felt incredibly relaxed before the 400m event, as was evident in the fact that he forgot to take his socks to the track, he also accidently left his wristwatch on.

As the starting gun sounded, Moses shot out of the blocks. With about 100m remaining in the race, Moses was level with fellow American, Andre Phillips. Then Moses accelerated. Phillips said after the race, “I saw him take a little look over his shoulder. And he just took off!" For the last 90m Moses ran with the fluency of a well-oiled machine and broke the World record by .11 of a second.

The interesting part is that Moses later said he had recurring dreams involving certain sets of numbers prior to the race. The numbers he saw were, “8-31-83” and “47.03”. The set of numerals – “8-31-83” - were Moses birthday, 31st August, and ironically the date of the race in West Germany 31st August, 1983.

The second number sequence, “47.03” was a very good time to run the 400m hurdles. In fact, so good that it would better the previous record set by Moses in 1980 by a tenth of a second. Moses’ race time in West Germany was 47.02, about a tenth off the time in his dreams.

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