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Inventor Elias Howe had a great idea about a machine that could be used for sewing. His concept consisted of a needle attached to a machine that would go through material. Initially, Howe tried using a needle with a sharp point at both ends and an eye in the middle, but it failed.

Howe couldn’t quite link the entire project into a working model until one night he had a dream. In the dream Howe saw himself being taken prisoner by a group of savages. He watched as these men danced around him with spears and noticed that each native’s spear had a hole near the tip.

Upon awaking, Howe instantly recognised the dream had solved the problem to his proposed sewing machine. That is, via placing a hole at the tip of the needle, the thread could be caught after piercing the material. He instantly set about changing the design of his machine and after making the necessary alterations, discovered it worked!

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