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The song, “All I Ever Needed” was the result of a dream by “Loverboy's” lead singer Mike Reno. Unlike Paul McCartney’s dream whereby the former Beatle dreamt of only the chord sequence, Reno dreamt the entire song - melody and lyrics!

Reno had been keen to undertake writing a song with David Foster (a well known name in the music industry who discovered Celine Dion and Michael Buble), and the pair agreed to meet to begin the task.

In Reno’s own words...

"He asked me to come down to do the backing tracks for his solo album. And while we were there, he asked me to come over early one day and see if we couldn't write a song and that night I had a dream. I dreamt all the lyrics and I woke up and wrote them down and I hummed into my tape recorder the melody. And I went over and he said, "Do you have any idea what we can do?" and I started him off on this thing. And he started playing it and it developed in about an hour into that song."

The lyrics to the song are below.

I found myself thinkin' of you today
the way it used to be
when you were the only one
like a long lost friend
It never goes away
whatever you do
You'll always be the only one.

It hit me without a warning
before I knew that you were gone
I saw my life before my eyes
and I knew that something's wrong

All I ever really needed was you
like an answer to my prayer
you know you make my dreams come true
All I ever really needed
All I ever really needed was you

Sometimes it hurts so bad
it never goes away
not for a moment...oh no
and I know there comes a time
when you need to say you're mine
you've got to hold on to it
we'll get through it
it's everything you got

It hit me without a warning
before I knew that you were gone
I found myself out looking for you
please don't tell me I was wrong

Repeat Chorus

My world goes around and around
and I don't know what I'm gonna find
now it's only a matter of time
And it hit me without a warning
for I knew that you were gone
I saw my life before my eyes
and I knew that something's wrong.

Repeat Chorus

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