Famous Dreams

Below are links to famous dreams of people who have their place in history for various reasons. If you know of any others that you think would be suitable to this section, please feel free to send them to us.

'Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, something is out of tune.'

~ Carl Jung

Image of blue dreamscape

Famous Dreams throughout History

Image of Oliver Cromwell
* Oliver Cromwell – Founder of the English Parliament

The dream that foretold who would be the greatest man in England.

Image of Paul McCartney
* Paul McCartney – Singer/Songwriter for “The Beatles”

A simple dream that inspired the most covered song of all time.

Picture of Charles Dickens
* Charles Dickens – Author

'Have I met you before?'

Image of Mary Shelley
* Mary Shelley – Author

How Frankenstein was really brought to life.

Photo of Edwin Moses
* Edwin Moses – Olympic Gold Medallist

The athlete who literally dreamt of success.

Image of Walter Craig
* Walter Craig – Australian Racehorse Owner

The dream that predicted the winner of the Melbourne Cup - with a twist.

Image of Otto Loewi
* Otto Loewi – German Physiologist

The dream that led to a Nobel prize.

Picture of Abraham Lincoln
* Abraham Lincoln – President of the USA

The dream that predicted his own assassination.

Image of Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz
* Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz – German Chemist

Two separate dreams leading to two separate scientific discoveries.

Photo of Madame C J Walker
* Madame C. J. Walker – 1st Female Self-Made Millionaire in the USA

How a scalp problem and a dream led to millions.

Photo of Mike Reno
* Mike Reno – Singer/Songwriter for “Loverboy”

How “All I Ever Needed” came in a dream.

Image of Elias Howe
* Elias Howe – Inventor

How a dream sewed a project together.

Photo of Albert Einstein
* Albert Einstein – Scientist

A scientific theory born from an unscientific method.

Image of Robert Louis Stevenson
* Robert Louis Stevenson – Author

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – The Conscious and the Unconscious?

Photo of Jack Nicklaus
* Jack Nicklaus – Golfer

How the subconscious tutored a golf legend.

Image of Mark Twain
* Mark Twain - Author

The dream that foretold his brother's death.

Al Hoots
* Al Hoots – American Racehorse Owner

The dream Al Hoots had on his deathbed.

Nicholas Flamel
* Nicholas Flamel – French Alchemist

Read about Nicholas Flamel's visit by an angel.

Dante Alighieri
* Dante Alighieri – Italian Poet of the Middle Ages

Read how a missing piece of the 'Divine Comedy' was found.

Guiseppe Tantri
* Guiseppe Tartini – Italian Violinist & Composer

Read how a dream inspired his best work, 'The Devil's Trill'.

Dmitri Mendeleev
* Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev – Russian Chemist & Inventor

How a dream about music gave birth to the 'Periodic Table of Elements.'

Wilhelm Richard Wagner
* Wilhelm Richard Wagner – German Composer

Read how 'Tristan' came to Wagner in a dream.

* Hannibal – Ancient Military Commander & Tactician

Read how Hannibal dreamt of war, tactics and strategy.

* Augustus – Roman Emperor

Read how a dream saved Roman Emperor Augustus' life.

Flavius Marcianus
* Flavius Marcianus – Roman Emperor

A dream about an enemy's death.

Niels Bohr
* Niels Bohr - Danish Scientist

A dream about the configuaration of atoms.

Carl Jung
Carl Jung - Psychologist and Philosopher

Carl Jung's dream of a 'Monstrous Flood'.

Caligula - Roman Emperor

Caligula's premonition of his own death.

More Famous Dreams

* Adolf Hitler – German Dictator

* Srinivasa Ramanujan – Mathematician

* Steven King – Author

* Louis Agassiz – Naturalist, Zoologist, & Geologist

* Sitting Bull – Native American Indian Chief

* Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Poet/Author

* Edgar Allen Poe – Author

* Dr. Frederick Banting – Scientist

* Carl Perkins – Song Writer

* David Parkinson – Engineer

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