Fire In A room

by Paula

I had a dream that the room was on fire and there was no way out. I kept on calling Jesus Jesus Jesus and an army of men on black horses all in black(faces were black) came closing in on me and I woke up.

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by: John

can you provide more detail? As much as possible about the room, the fire, the men on the horses, what your feelings were etc etc etc
Also, can you put the dream into some sort of context? As in, does it relate to anything in your waking life?

fire in the room NEW
by: Robert

I dream that I was standing in a doorway and a bright fire was in the room there were an explosion and the fire filled the room turning bright and standing but filled the room

by: Anonymous

You had nice dream with happy end. I have a nightmare last night, where i was on day z and i survive in this. Then i woke up. essay today

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