by Amanda
(Thurmond, North Carolina, United states)

Before I went to bed last night my ex had called me. He Is married now and I agreed to be just friends; however, he has made it plain that he still has major feelings for me. More so for me than his own wife. I am engaged though. I love my fiancee; he is an amazing man. I can't lie though, I still feel something for my ex; however, not enough that I would ever leave my fiancee for him! I did not dream anything after that phone call. However, early this morning after my fiancee had called I fell asleep again and started dreaming.

In the dream I vaguely remember that I had been thinking about moving and maybe splitting the bills with someone. I was not sure though. I have always wanted to move and just start over, but because of financial reasons I just cant.
The next thing I remember is being next door at my parents house. I was outside on porch and saw someone had started burning brush in a field across the road. The fire had spread to a tree and went up the entire tree and burned it until it fell over to the opposite direction of my home. I was not going to call the fire department; however, the fire had reminded me of how my yard really had gotten caught on fire not that long ago.
Then I saw my dad on the phone with the fire department. I saw he was concerned and then I see a line of fire leading to my house next door. Somehow the fire had crossed the road and the trail of fire went straight to the side of my house where my bedroom is. I had an overwhelming sense of fear. I felt like I was losing everything. But, at the same time, I had a slight feeling that somehow I would make it. I felt that maybe this would be the new begining that I had been wanting. I cried and saw my daughter sitting on the floor. I feared for my kids sake; they would be losing the only home they knew. They would lose all clothes.
Then I thought about calling my fiancee; then it switched to me wanting to call my ex. That is when I woke up still feeling uneasy.
I don't know if it was the whole guy thing that triggered the dream; or if maybe it was the fact that there has been a lot going on lately. I have got two people living with me who I wish would hurry up and find their own place. It has been very stressful. Then someone has also started trying to cause problems by calling Child services telling a lot of lies. I am just trying my best to help others, take care of kids, and do my online college classes.

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by: John

Hi Amanda,
I think this is a VERY symbolic dream of the situation you present.
Thinking about the move in my opinion is tied to the feelings you have between two men. In particular, splitting the bills is perhaps a sign of being uncertain which way to go.
Being at your parents house to me infers a concern about what others may/would think of your split or current feelings for your ex. Especially how close family such as parents may react and the potential moral judgement.
The fire starting and burning the tree down in the opposite direction of your house implies "playing with fire" and perhaps the burning down of something solid.
Not calling the fire brigade is indicative of not wanting to be found out and/or not feeling the situation is that bad (yet).
Your Dad on the phone to the fire department suggests his maturity of the situation; he understands the situation is dangerous to your home. Home in this sense being symbolic of family. The fire going straight to the bedroom suggests infedelity. Your sense of fear of losing everything is concern that if you keep going with what you are doing and ignoring the dangerousness of the flames you may well end up with nothing.
Seeing your children crying etc. implies that the fire will have impact upon them; they will lose everything.
Being confused as to who to call suggests you are in the predicament you stated: wanting a fresh start but trapped in the one you have.
In all, the dream is a subconscious concern that starting "anew" will have disastrous consequences if you keep the conversing with your ex going.

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