Flying In My Dreams

by Wajid Aman

I often get a dream where i would be flying up in the air some time i could see my self fyling on the mountain or on the river side ,i dont see myself as a bird however its just me ,i just have to flip my hands up and down ,i would be flying up and if i have to come down i had do flip down ,Often i have seen more fish in my dreams,some times quite a big fish and i have been trying to catch this fish,i have caught so many fish in my dream .What does it mean can you please help me ?

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by: John

I too have exactly the same dreams from time-to-time. I assume these dreams are exhilarating for you as I find them AMAZING!
I have found I am more lucid in these dreams than any others and can go to places I wish. It's an incredible expression of freedom. I believe these dreams are very spiritual in design; the rising up independently and the freedom are symbolic of becoming closer to God (whatever you perceive him/her/it to be). they are an indication that you are growing spirituality or that the potential for such growth is on offer if you seek it in your waking life.
When you talk about catching fish can you please offer more detail? As in, can you please relay a specific dream for me about this?

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