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Dreams about Food

Food Dreams

Not only do we need food and drink to nourish and sustain us, it is also one of our greatest pleasures. Sometimes we even daydream of food when we’re awake, so it’s no surprise that food themes infiltrate our dreams as well.

The symbolism of food in dreams is generally considered to be of a positive nature and signifies contentment. Harmoniously eating with a group of people indicates family contentment. If you’re eating alone, it may mean that you have upset people around you.

If you dream that you’re hungry, your body may be telling you that you need food – particularly if you went to sleep without having eaten for a while. It could also mean that you’re not entirely happy with the way things are going in your life or that you’re craving something new.

As our dreams generally reflect the themes that are paramount in our waking lives, issues with eating and dieting can feature prominently in our dreams. Geneen Roth provides a poignant example in her book, Appetites:

’The last time I dreamed of food was seventeen years ago, when I was twenty-seven and on Weight Watchers. Then it was Haagen-Dazs ice cream, coffee and vanilla with hot fudge, no nuts. I dreamed of hunks of cheesecake and mountains of cookies and slabs of bittersweet chocolate. But the worst time, the time I dreamed about food every night for a year and a half, was when I was anorexic, eighteen years ago. The dreams began while I was fasting for ten days on water. It was late October and my boyfriend, Lee, and I were staying at a cabin on a lake in the Adirondacks. Every night we would go to sleep by the fire and the nubby, textiled rugs on the wall, and I would dream of feasts from college days in New Orleans: fried oysters from Casamento’s, lemon doberge cake from Gambino’s, napoleons from the Four Seasons on Royal Street. The sequence of the dream was always the same: I would be surrounded by food, biting down into a thick fried oyster loaf on homemade bread with pickles, horseradish, and ketchup, and suddenly my heart would pound wildly as I remembered I was supposed to be fasting. I would wrench myself awake to make sure that I hadn’t really eaten the food, it was only a dream. Comforted by my abstinence, I would fall back asleep and dream of more food, more eating – and I would wake myself up again after the first bite. When I wasn’t fasting, I kept myself on such a strict regime – allowing myself a hundred and fifty calories a day of raw fruits and vegetables, no protein, no fat – that my dreams were the only place I permitted myself any sweetness at all.’

Cooking and baking may indicate domestic happiness, or perhaps that you’re preparing for a family get-together or reunion. In dreamlore, bread represents peace and well-being. Cakes are representational of giving and cookies indicate a warm and generous persona.

Dreaming of meat is considered to be about lust – highlighting the ‘sins of the flesh’, while fruit holds a wealth of sexual symbolism: cherries are a voluptuous fruit and represent the erogenous zones; apples are linked to original sin; and strawberries indicate romance and true love. Lemons, however, represent bitterness and jealousy.

When childhood favourites feature in a dream, for example ice cream or a bowl of jello, it indicates a reawakening of the inner child within us all.

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