Freaked Out

by Hope Langevin

I dreamed that I went away up north in NewHampshire to a cabin with my female best friend for a long weekend, just her and I. We drive up to this cabin and it is very rustic and in the middle of nowhere just how we wanted it. We desided we wanted something to eat so my best friend went left to go find the store she saw on our way there. I desided that I was going to stay at the cabin and take a shower and start a fire for us. So I find a towel and get undressed and get into the shower when I hear someone come into the bathroom. I, thinking it was her coming back because she couldnt find the store or something, open the shower curtain and at the same time go to ask her what happen and it wasn't her standing there but her husband. So I asked him what he was doing there, that it was our girls weekend. He didnt respond, instead he grabbed me out of the shower and threw me on the floor and proceeded to rape me and beat me. I felt ever bit of the rape and the beating and it felt like it went on forever. My best friend, after sometime, came back and heard me screaming. She came running into the bathroom with a gun, already cocked back and ready to shoot. Her husband looks at her and continues to rape and beat me so she shot him. After shooting him, she removes his body from on top of me, grabs be and holds me in her lap really tight as we sat on the floor. We both look over at her husbands bloody, lifeless body and it is no longer her husband but my ex husband. I have not seen my ex husband in 14 years because he has been in prison since my son was a year old. And I dont understand why my bestfriends husband would be rapping and beating me in this dream. I dont like the way he treats my bestfriend but i dont hate him nor am i afraid of him.

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by: John

this dream appears to be about an inability on your behalf to move on from the past. Your trip away to a remote and peaceful place ending in such trauma suggests no matter where you go, regardless of how tranquil and serene the surrounds, you carry with you something you need to get rid of.
Needing to eat (spiritually), being naked (vulnerable), showering (cleansing) are interupted by something that initially presents as something it isnt (ie. you assumption your friend was home)... perhaps you are aware of the need to deal with the past but are misleading yourself as to what the real issue is?

It seems to me the trauma of the rape and beating is in effect how you feel about yourself. Perhaps beating yourself up and assaulting yourself for past mistakes?

Your friend coming to your aid suggests you trust her 100%. In this regard, and given the overall outcome of the dream, it would seem to me that whatever you are 'holding on to' can be aided in healing by this friend. She is loyal and empathic.

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