by Cherry

I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend was dead and that I was visiting his grave in a small hill that was surrounded by dark clouds. As I walked towards his grave stone, his current girlfriend ran to it, fell to her knees and started sobbing. I stood there blankly watching her. Minutes later, she walked a few metres away from the grave stone and committed suicide by putting a knife straight through her tummy. Right after she died, my ex-boyfriend rose from his grave and walked towards me, asking me what happened to her. I didn't say anything but just pointed at her. He then walked to her and held her whole body on his arms and started sobbing. And that's where my dream ended.

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by: John

I think the dream is about needing closure on the past relationship. Your ex being dead representing the termination of your being together. His current girlfriend killing herself an expression of a wish on your behalf that she wasnt with him. His rising from the dead possibly another wish on your behalf that the relationship can be saved. His tending to his current g/f after asking you what happened symbolic of the death of the relationship between you and he and that he has moved on.

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