I dreamt of the Angel Gabriel. She was nude, standing with her back to me, and I kept whispering in her ear the phrase ' you are so cold'. She then was next to me and I continued to whisper the phrase to her. She became upset I then whispered ' you are very beautiful, and so cold'. She asked me a question which I cannot recall, and I answered with an abrasive 'No'. We were standing in a room with several others, I did not see faces, most had back to me. I woke feeling nervous and startled. Cannot think of a life event that would trigger such a dream.

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by: John

this is an interesting dream in the sense that the angel Gabriel is portrayed in the Bible as a male, however, the original text states angel GABRIELLE was a female. The name and gender were changed to coincide with the Catholic notions of patriarchy. My point is, unless you were aware of what I just wrote prior to the dream you obviously dreamt of Gabrielle; the original angel of the Bible.
Her being nude suggests vulnerability. The phrase of 'you are so cold' might imply many things but given you notice her beauty but still verbalize the phrase im taking a stab in the dark and guessing you may not be able to connect emotionally with females or a certain female in your life.
I believe the question she asked you is of fundamental importance to this dream. The fact you cant remember it in light of all that you do recall suggests you may not want to remember it (subconsciously)as it might hit a nerve for you and make YOU vulnerable and cold?

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