by Manu Nair

Though I had not believed in ghosts, now I do feel they exist. I had witnessed about 4 dreams on different days about ghosts repeatedly. The first was that the ghost had caught my neck around past midnight. The next was a ghost coming near me and making a frightening noise in my ear. The third and fourth was some frigthening noises like wailing and so on. The ghosts were indeed female and dressed in white. The teeth were like of the ghost too. I want to add here that I and my wife has not seen any ghost movie or serials on television or anywhere for past number of years.

The bedroom doors are locked and this is still a frightening incident for me as I feel a bit scared of these ghosts and feel they would trouble my wife too. We sleep together though.

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by: John

what is the history of your house? These seem like lower energy beings who are trapped or lost. It would be interesting to find out what their connection with your home is.

Ghosts Wandering
by: Manu Nair

As related to the history of the house, we were 100 in the waiting list whereby a lottery was taken in by LIC and we had got the house through this as a number of people had visited this house but had not taken this house. Imagine 99 persons visiting this house? It's really strange though. We have performed pooja before entering the house but still do feel some souls are wandering around still. We had to face a lot of accidents in the past as my brother had fallen down from the sofa and as a result of this he is still limping, he can't walk properly still though he had an operation. Two years ago my wife had fallen from the staircase almost from the first floor. Last year, she got Dengue too.
This is the history of my house.

True information is shared NEW
by: Hfgbsd

Once me and my friend faced some incident, I think it was ghost and I frightening and I feel a bit scared of these ghost. You blog is right and now often we sleep together and now I don’t faced any type of incident. We have a variety of writing and promotional webpage for your writing work.

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