Immaculate Conception

by Katrina
(honolulu,HI,united states)

About 7 years ago my boyfriend at the time who is the father of my son of 6 year old & at the time was in prison; my dream was that I went to the doctors & they told me that I was pregnant & I said thats impossible my boyfriend is in prison & I didnt have sex with nobody. They said I had somthing called non-sexual pregnancy & I had the first case recorded & that my pregnancy unlike a normal one of 9 months is really short. I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone & tried to explain to him the whole situation & that I was telling him the truth. I gave birth to this really big baby that looked just like him & looked about 6 months old & the doctors told me that the thing about non-sexual pregnancy is that your baby only lives up to 3 months & then dies. I loved him so much he was the most precious thing I ever seen, looking at me with big bright eyes, chubby cheecks, & a big open mouth smile baby teeth. I was crying why, why does he have to die? Hes my baby!! I was broken hearted & i felt like i wanted to die too.

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by: John

if I said to you, 'what's THE biggest issue in your life at the moment?' - what would your answer be?

by: Katrina

My answer is not having a father figure for my son look up to & bond with. Soul craves TRUE LOVE innocent child like

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