In The Woods

by Ruben
(New York )

Okay my girlfriend and I were walking through the woods and holding hands and we weren't talking at all just every once in a we'd stop.... And she'd just look into my eyes and I'd just get lost looking back into hers and then we'd continue walkin and then she wrapped her arms around me and we stared into each others eyes for awhile and then she started smiling and she looked so beautiful it was amazing. I'm thinking about the image I saw and I'm just speechless. She makes me so happy! But anyway we layed down in the grass and we just kept looking into each others eyes. And then I I kissed her. And she kissed me. And everything was just perfect..... And then i woke up.

This was the second time I had a dream about us in the woods. The first time we were getting married. No one else was there, it was just her and I all dressed up in wedding clothes in the middle of the woods. It made me really really happy :)

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by: John

very basic analysis is this: walking hand-in-hand in lifes journey; straing into each others eyes representative of love but more to the point seeing each other's souls and being in awe. Enjoy what you have :)

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