I was going to jail for one year exactly, I remember sitting at my kitchen table just before I was taken there. I do not remember being in jail at all, I don't remember being taken there or coming home. Next thing I knew I was home again, sitting at my kitchen table talking to my parents. I was emotional because I felt as though all my friends had changed and my life was put on hold so therefore I didn't. I also cried because I missed my birthday and said to my Mother whilst crying "How can someone miss their birthday".

I had no feeling in my dream until the end where I was very sad.

I have lost a lot of friends lately and my two closest friends are in relationships so I feel quite alone. There is also this boy who I've know for six months now and It's been nothing but trouble with him although he keeps coming back.

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by: John

I believe the dream is about you wanting to escape life for a while but understanding that in doing so, you may miss out on events/people you value. In my view, the dream presents a dilemma with respect to wanting to move on and away from what you have always known but fearing the grass may not be greener.

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x was taken into police custody but I didnt see him a boy came running to me and told me NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamed that my x went to jail and that some boy came to ask me to go look after his personal belongings as he was taken into custody , he was distant to me in the dream even bough land and a house that I was'nt aware off, strange.

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