Jump Tatiana, Jump

by Tatiana
(Carolina, Puerto Rico)

It was my last dream today, I was in a truck with a female friend,she was driving. I was feeling fun, happy,pretty, calling old people in my life on my cellphone to get together.

Suddenly I was seing a beautiful beach at my side in the truck. Soft blue,really inviting,( i live in the caribbean,PR, im used to blue beach, but not this pretty) i was talking to an highschool ex-boyfriend on my phone, we are friends in my life but we havent talk at all for long years.
I was trying to figure out with my friend how to pick him up but suddenly, instead of being in the truck, we were allready in a small wooden boat,going with the flow of the trip in clear waters.

A huge desire to jump in this beautiful deep clear water invaded me, I didnt think it twice,in less than a second i said to my ex on the phone: Hey! hold up a second, and then suddenly jump, with joy. My female friend stayed in the boat and aware me: !Watch out, i can see a reef!
I dint care at all in my way in the air to fell in the beautifull waters, everything so fast in this dream, i was in allready,made like a michael phelps turn in the reef and headed back to the boat, relaxed,calm,happy,feeling so adventureous.
All in matter of seconds, someone call me on my phone in real life and...i woke up:( never touch the boat again.

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by: John

I think this is a beautiful dream about freedom and independence. This is evident in everything to do with the dream from driving in the truck, to talking to old freinds, to diving into the water without concern for any danger and performing your Michael Phelps turn (haha liked that bit).
I would be interested to know if around this time you ended a job or a relationship of some kind that made you feel free again?
Also, who was on the phone that ended your dream?

by: Tatiana

Well, im so glad you wrote back to me. In all this months all my ways have changed, i have now a lot of friends, im working as a community leader as an art teacher and yes...i was in a relationship for allmost six years but all that time my partner didnt wanted any type of serious compromise with me.
We were on and off even after the dream for at least 3 more months but...i started to feel bored by all types of routines, Work (waiter), College (investigation),Family(dogmatic), Old Friends(different).
I was transforming into a grumpy girl. I wanted something new and one day they fired me from my job and i left my mom's house for 2nd time, i met a few friends and started going out alone again, dancing, and bringing to life a project that i had in my mind for at least 4 years and then decided to start .

Everything shift from north to south and from anxiety, happiness was born. I discovered i wanted so badly to be me again, to help others to feel loved and have fun, i wanted now action, exitement, real spiritual transformation and now...everything is happening as i wanted, even thou im allmost tigth with the money to pay rent and put some groceries in my fridge i feel free inside my soul.

Thank You So much, i feel so inspired by interpretation of all types of symbols, in the daily life you can see sudden images that calls your attention awake and after appears in a dream...to make you analyse things in your life, and not for casualty you still remember the image when you are awake after dreaming. Blesings from the higher self!!

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