Kidnapped & Fighting For Life

by Tricia

My boyfriend and I were at a get together and I saw one of my friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I went over and talked to him and his father for a bit. My boyfriends ex wife came over and started taunting me and saying ugly things to me. My friend was trying to calm the situation. I kept saying, I will get along with you but I won't continue to take your nonsense. She then gets some man to take my picture and from that he is able to see all things related to me and threatening me and my character. I am enraged and trying to get this to stop. I went looking for my boyfriend only to be told by my son that he left... Just jumped in the car and took off. I said what do you mean he left.. He says I don't know he just left! So I continue to try to get help and this man poses as someone who will help me and I ask him to try to find my boyfriend. He says he will. He calls in 2 other people to help and they grab us and take us to a little shack. At this point I guess my bf is trying to find me now and in the process of the two men stealing me and the other guy that was helping, he , the other guy turns on me and now they are all 3 trying to kill me. I am fighting and getting on the cb radio trying to call out to my boyfriend and he can hear me but can't find me... They are trying to kill me and I am fighting for my life and then I wake up!

I feel angry and scared in my dream!
Nothing I am aware of could have triggered this dream

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by: John

I believe on the basis of the dream alone and with no waking life context that the dream is suggesting you are an extremely private person. That you possibly have hidden depth to you based on past negative experiences that not too many people, if any, get to see.
Your b/f leaving the situation implies the parts of you that you dont share have the capacity to create distance. Not as an intentional negative on anyone's behalf; simply as a result of your privacy.
The remainder of the dream (i.e. kidnapping, shack, being killed) is intended - I believe - to highlight to you that your privacy and distance in relationships manifests in a way that leaves you vulnerable. But not in a traditional sense. It makes you feel vulnerable because at times you cry out for help but cant obtain what you need even if/when you do because the person is unsure where it is coming from... they cannot find YOU.

My mother is the devils wife; NEW
by: Anonymous

every year on or around my birthday sept 6 1969, I have this nightmare of My Mother beating me and kidnapping My Sons; in the nightmare I do everything to try to stop her and save My Sons or try to find them, scared of losing them/as I did in real life! fear of dieing alone with no one to bury me; majority I have sleepless nights and when I do sleep the nightmare comes and I am being abused all over again and My sons are gone from me. last year I was fighting in defence and hitting mother and kicking her as she was trying to kill me; and she kidnapped my sons! Please help me I don't understand the repeteted dreams of Horror and abuse! What do they mean, please I need to know!

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