by Caitlyn
(Connecticut, United States)

So I had this dream many years ago. I was in third grade when I had the dream and now I'm in twelfth grade and I remember it extremely clearly to this day- probably because it was the worst nightmare I had ever had. So, it started out at my elementary school. We were outside at recess and I was upset by some students bullying me, so I ran to the corner of the field next to a fence and began to cry. On the other side of the fence there were some bushes and I looked up and saw someone with a bag over their head and holes cut out for eyes. They spoke, and I heard that it was a man. He said, "What's wrong, sweetheart?" and I said, "Those kids were making fun of me." and he said, "Don't worry, I'll be your friend." and I looked up and felt completely petrified, realizing that I should not have talked to a stranger. So, I stood up and ran away from him, back to the playground. I told the teacher that there was a scary man in the bushes. She had all of the students grab their desks (which were outside with us- I guess we had brought them there) and get back into the school as quickly as possible. So we all lined up with our desks and I looked over at where I had been sitting, only to find that the man with the bag over his head had left. I looked at the door of the school and there was the man, walking into the school. I screamed at the top of my lungs- and then my mother woke me up. She asked me why I was screaming. I had been screaming not only in the dream but in real life. Sleep screaming if you will. So I told her I was having a nightmare and started to cry, so she let me come sleep with her in her bedroom. I laid on the floor there for a while trying to get back to sleep and when I finally did, the dream continued. I was back in my classroom, which had a fountain in the center-front of the room. I put my desk back in its spot and took a minute to marvel at the beautiful classroom. I looked around and I saw that my friend who in waking life would soon be attending a boarding school that I wanted so badly to go to. So, in the dream, I realized I was at the boarding school. I talked with my friend (I don't remember what about) until the teacher came into the classroom and told us to sit down. The teacher said we would be continuing our lesson. I realized that something was fishy because the teacher didn't sound like herself and she wouldn't face the class. She started to teach the lesson but stopped and asked to see me in the hallway. Without turning around, she left the classroom, but right as she closed the door she looked in through the window at me and winked. I realized that it was the strange man from the bushes. At this point I recognized him as a kidnapper. I decided that I needed to take it upon myself to find our real teacher because she could have been in trouble. So I walked out of the classroom and the kidnapper had disappeared. I was so terrified as I walked through the halls. I thought I was going to be kidnapped. As I walked, I passed the janitor's closet and saw the kidnapper putting on a janitor disguise. I quickly ran away. Finally, I went into the computer lab to see if my teacher was in there. (In waking life, we would switch teachers with a different class for computer lab time). I walked in, and sure enough, she was up at the front of the classroom teaching. So, finally feeling safe, I sat down at a computer and began my typing test. Then all of the sudden, the principal came onto the loud speaker and said something along the lines of, "The kidnapper is in the school building. Please lock all the doors of your classrooms immediately and perform the tornado drill." Our teacher quickly went to the door but was pulled out by a janitor who told her to return to her classroom to watch the other kids, and said that he would stay with my class. All the kids were under the desks at that point (performing the tornado drill) but I was peering around the corner to see who the janitor was. He turned his head and I saw his face. It was once again the kidnapper. I quickly hid under my desk in an attempt to be hidden from him- I knew he was looking for me. I turned my head for a second and I still remember the look on his face. He was right there next to me with his face up close, smiling the scariest smile I have ever seen. Then, he grabbed me. So, I used what I had learned in school when they taught us to fight off anyone who tried to hurt us. I bit his arm as hard as I could and he quickly let go. I began to crawl in and out of the aisles of computers and noticed that we were alone. All the other students had somehow disappeared. Despite all my efforts to run and hide, the kidnapper came for me and he was extremely angry that I had bitten him. He grabbed me and pinned me down to the floor. I remember that I was more frightened than I had ever been in my entire life. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and held it over his head. I put my hands up protectively and screamed as loud as I could. He brought the knife slowly closer to me and I woke up with my hands in the position they had been in during the dream. I laid there in my parents room too scared to return to sleep. I didn't want to dream about the kidnapper from the bushes ever again.

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by: John

this dream is entirely about anxiety. More to the point, it is entirely about feeling insecure and unsafe. That you will be abandoned. You say you had this dream in third grade; children with such dreams are often suffering from separation anxiety. They fear being separated from significant others in their lives, usually major attachment figures (parents). This dream is a direct replication of how you felt at that point in life - totally unsafe and unprotected. Every effort you make in the dream to seek protection and saftey results in further anxiety. The dream is trying to inform you of your anxieties in waking life. It is saying you live in fear because you think in a way that makes you assume safety and protection are not possible. It is saying you need to assume control.

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